Commercial Work - Transport Battens

For our formwork customer, we produced over 3000 battens cut to length and loaded them into their cages. 

The customer uses these to secure protective sheeting onto their fabricated modules to minimise damage and water ingress during transport to site. 

They came to us to help improve their yard efficiency and to get the lorries loaded and dispatched quicker. 

We offered them a solution whereby we supplied the laths ready to use using our automatic cross cut saw and loaded them into their green cages. The customer was then able to unload the cages in their packing area and begin using the cut laths immediately. This saved the customer having to allocate one person for a whole day cutting lengths of timber and instead getting the lorries loaded and dispatched to site. 

Above: Cages of cut lath ready for customer collection.

Above: Green cages loaded onto their van ready for use.

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